Date Title Minister Key Text
Jul 21, 2024 (Afternoon) Jesus Christ is the complete and only Saviour! Rev. C. VanderVelde 1 Timothy 2:1–7
Jul 21, 2024 (Morning) David in the wastelands: wandering with hope and purpose when life doesn’t make sense. Rev. Tony Roukema 1 Samuel 23:19–29
Jul 14, 2024 (Afternoon) Who is God and how do we know he is there? Rev. Tony Roukema Belgic Confession: Article 1
Jul 14, 2024 (Morning) My soul will be satisfied Rev. C. VanderVelde Psalm 63:5
Jul 7, 2024 (Afternoon) Christ taught us to petition the Father to keep temptation far from us Dr. G. Nederveen Heidelberg Catechism: Lord's Day 52
Jul 7, 2024 (Morning) The Lord Jesus Christ calls Paul Rev. C. VanderVelde Acts 9:1–19
Jun 30, 2024 (Afternoon) Persistent prayer for the return of Jesus Christ Student Marco VanRenssen Luke 18:1–8
Jun 30, 2024 (Morning) The Lord Jesus privately reveals his messianic glory to his inner circle at the stormy sea. Elder Marcel Kampen John 6:16–21
Jun 23, 2024 (Afternoon) The Kingdom of God will come unexpectedly. Student Marco VanRenssen Luke 17:20–37
Jun 23, 2024 (Morning) David strengthened Rev. Tony Roukema 1 Samuel 23:15–29
Jun 16, 2024 (Afternoon) Praying for the grace of forgiveness Rev. Tony Roukema Mark 2:1–12
Jun 16, 2024 (Morning) Not all who wander are lost Rev. Tony Roukema 1 Samuel 22:6–23
Jun 9, 2024 (Afternoon) Give us this day our daily bread: a prayer of trust Rev. Tony Roukema 2 Corinthians 1:3–11
Jun 9, 2024 (Morning) Learning from the love of the Good Shepherd Rev. Tony Roukema Ezekiel 34:1–24
Jun 2, 2024 (Afternoon) Father, teach us to do your will and make us shine Rev. Tony Roukema Heidelberg Catechism: Lord's Day 49

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